Proactive VS Not Proactive Teacher

Proactive Discipline

Characteristics of a Proactive Teacher

Characteristics of a not Proactive Teacher

–       Being prepared and in control (It is about knowing what is going to happen and when it is going to happen.)

–       The proactive teacher has planned her lessons so that she has a few minutes at the end of each period to get things ready for her next class before passing time.

–       Creating a proactive classroom (daily start up activity or agenda on the board)

–       Uses a series of discipline steps designed to help the student change his behaviour (At the beginning of the term the proactive teacher has carefully explained these steps.)

–       Focuses on the behavior of the students rather than the negative behavior

–       A proactive teacher does not deliver ultimatums.

–       Dealing with the problems as they come up immediately (Do this, Do that, etc.)

–       No preparation and plan

–       No control of the classroom

–       The reactive teacher is trying to get attention when the bell rings. He starts the period by interrupting “free time.”

–       The reactive teacher sends students to the office time and again. Usually this is the result of confrontational escalation.


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