Want to make your students “Beliefs”?


For my next blog, I have thought of writing about the comic strip maker I used in my WebQuest project. It’s seems very simple and easy to use. I’m talking about Make Beliefs Comix.

What is Make Beliefs Comix?

Make Beliefs Comix is a Web Tool that allows users, students or teachers to create comic strips. There are a number of characters, emotions, thought bubbles, speaking balloons and background colors to choose from. Students can organize the characters on each strip and add text. They have some controls with regards to layout of the characters within the strip.

Why use Make Beliefs Comix?

  • It’s Free.
  • Can use multiple languages (7 different languages.)
  • The creator is able to bring either text or pictures to front of the screen.
  • The user is able to create stories (short stories).
  • Characters can display a wide range of emotions.
  • Do not need an account to use the tools.
  • Easy to manipulate. It’s user-friendly.
  • Can e-mail or print comics immediately.
  • Has some already created comics with missing dialog.ue.
  • Fun for children and adults

How teachers can use Make Beliefs Comix:

  • Teachers or educators can use Make Beliefs Comix to create short, educational and even cute that keep students’ interest.
  • If working in a class that includes students with special needs, the teacher can have the students use the characters to display emotions. This would also be good for ESOL students.
  • The great number of languages makes it an essential tool in foreign or second language classes.
  • You can have your students use the comics (made from Make Beliefs Comix) to present and role play the situations in front of the class.
  • Instead of writing a poem and illustrating it, students could write a poem and turn it into a comic.
  • You can use created comic strips to teach character education lessons or expectations.
  • You can use it with English language learners or students with language delays to build conversation skills.
  • You can have your students to use comic to sketch stories as a pre-writing strategy.
  • Also, you can create content based comic where one character is explaining content to another (putting concepts into their own words)
  • It is also useful for practicing grammar lessons not only for young learners but also for adult learners especially in second or foreign language classes..

How students can use Make Beliefs Comix:

  • Students can use this tool for many different things, but most specifically, it is a creative outlet for students. They can be as creative as they want when making these comic strips, because the tools offers many ways to customize their strips.
  • Students can create a comic strip using that weeks vocabulary words. Allows the teacher to know the student not only knows the definition, but can also use the words in context.
  • Students can summarize stories or demonstrate other literary elements using the comic strips.
  • It helps students take ownership of their work.
  • It students learn how to use new words in sentences or dialogues.
  • Students can share their comic strips with their peers and teachers easily.
  • They can also print their comic strips immediately for teacher’s correction.
  • Students can e-mail copies of their comics.
  • Students can e-mail the comics if turning them in to their teacher.

Here’s a video on how to use Make Beliefs Comix.



Here’s a complete video tutorial about Make beliefs Comix.



I say it’s a great tool especially if you want to use more visual supports in your lessons. Why not give it a try!

To learn more about Make Beliefs Comix, you can check the 21 ways to use this tool in classrooms, or Comic Writing With Make Beliefs Comix, or this one!