Looking for an educational tool? Try Evernote!

Evernote Peek

Evernote is a kind of web tool that allows its users to record voice notes, take notes, uploads images, documents, and PDFs, and capture images or information in any environment using whatever device you are most comfortable with. Through Evernote, the information is easier to access and search at any time, from anywhere. Without further ado, let me educate you on how to use Evernote as an educational tool.

Why use Evernote in education?

  • It helps everyone to easily remember things using computer, smartphones, and the web.
  • It stores all essential documents or information in one place.
  • It allows its users to simply add class notes, homework, lesson plans or syllabus, research papers, or anything related to education to their Evernote account.
  • It enables teachers and students to organize their notes and important documents into different notebooks.
  • If you have an iCloud account, Evernote syncs all your notes to the cloud, so you would have access to it easily. It will also serve as your backup storage in case of loses in documents.
  • Like other social networking tools, Evernote allows its users to share their notes with other users through email, or any social media.

You can go to the education section of Evernote, which is called Evernote for Education, if you want to learn more about how it can be beneficial to teachers and students.

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Few of the many ways teachers can incorporate Evernote in class.

  • It enables the teachers to take and save important notes in class or in a conference for later review or use.
  • Teachers can make a notebook containing important notes, such as review materials, class notes, readings, references, etc. In this regard, it will be easier for teachers to share these with their students. Also by sharing the URL, they will be able to allow students to simply see the changes in teachers’ notebooks.
  • Teachers can also create lists of the things to do and work logs using the recording tasks in Evernote.
  • It helps teachers organize their notes into different notebooks. Also, it helps teachers organize their classes using tags.
  • If unable to come to class, you can use Evernote to share a notebook with a substitute teacher containing lesson plans, quizzes, worksheets, answer keys, assignments for the students, references, etc.)

Few of the many ways students can use Evernote in studying.

  • It helps students to easily take notes in class and organize their notes into notebooks.
  • It enables students to scan teacher’s handouts, worksheets, textbooks, etc., with the use of a camera. In this case students won’t need to worry about losing important documents or any original copies of documents.
  • With the use Evernote, students has the option to simply create notebooks where they can organize and store their class projects, files, documents, school events or calendars, assignments, research works, and many more.
  • If students don’t feel like writing notes in class, Evernote allow them to simply record audio notes on their smartphones for teacher’s lecture.
  • They can also share their notes with their classmates or even collaborate with any of their classmates on their homework or any given group work.

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One thought on “Looking for an educational tool? Try Evernote!

  1. Hi, Thank you for linking my port. Evernote is a great tool and your post clearly highlights why that is. BTW, I just started using the (new) present mode — would love to hear your thoughts if you’ve gotten around to using it in the classroom. It’s an awesome presentation tool.

    Cheers, R. Miguel

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