11 of the many ways to use Edmodo in your class.

Haven’t heard of Edmodo?


Edmodo Edmodo is an educational website  and a web tool that takes the ideas of a social network and refines them and makes it appropriate for a classroom. Using Edmodo, students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems, and helpful tips. In addition, parents can join the class to bring a level of transparency that is difficult to achieve without technology. Edmodo can be easily accessed either online or via mobile app.

For teachers, Edmodo serves as a professional resource, organizational tool, and a way to interface with students. For students, it acts as a direct communication line with their teachers and classmates.

Here is a video on how to set up your class using Edmodo.

1. Here are some ways wherein you can incorporate Edmodo in your classroom.Writing Projects for students.  Give your students enriching writing projects and experiences using Edmodo. Through writings using Edmodo, it enables students build their self-esteem and measure how far they have come during the school year with writing projects. You can ask your students to…

  • Do Blog, wherein students have to blog about any given topics or their personal interests. Aside from having to use complete sentences and demonstrate the use of correct punctuations and spellings, students are also required to put pictures or images and other website links, articles and videos related to their blogs.
  • Do “I Think.” In this writing activity, students are required to give their opinions to articles of their interests. You can display students’ posts and reviews on the interactive whiteboard so students can see and read their peers’ work.

2. Post assignments for students. Edmodo allows teachers to attach files to assignment announcements. If there is a file your students need in order to complete an assignment, they can access it at the same place they view the announcement. Less clicking is good.

3. Language Practice. If you are teaching English or any language class, you can spice up your class by having your students write and respond to questions in Edmodo. By doing this, you are able to have students practice their language skills through real life conversations.

Do you want to know more on how to use Edmodo in language class? Click.

Here is a video on how to use Edmodo in language arts or in maximizing the target language.

4. Teachers can also post messages on the “wall.” In this regard, the students will have the opportunity to ask questions to each other and their teacher. Of course, teachers can post messages for all students to read.

5. Mobile Learning. If you are wondering how to give your students an interactive and fun way of educating your students using their smartphones or iPads or other devices, Edmodo is there to help.

  • Bring Edmodo on your next field trip.
  • You can post photos and create scavenger hunt questions, polls or quizzes.
  • Edmodo is also great for backchannel discussions.

Do you want to know more on how to use Edmodo in Mobile learning? Click.  

Here is a video tutorial on how to use Backchannel Chat Edmodo.

 6. Absences and Extended leaves.  Edmodo is very useful especially for communicating when you or one of your students are unable to attend class. You can use Edmodo, to provide class notes, assignments or other important updates to students who are unable to come to class. Also, you can communicate updates or check in with your class if you are absent from school or if you have an extended leave or out of town. Worry no more, because Edmodo Sub Hub is there to help you.

7. Reading Critique and organizing book clubs. You can always take reading to the next level by having students critique each other using Edmodo. You can have students upload and listen to audio files on Edmodo. In this regard, students are able to improve their listening skills at the same time. Edmodo isn’t limited to reading alone, you can also do art critiques, writing critiques, and so on. In terms of book clubs, you can organize a book club wherein students are encourage to read and discuss novels with each other.

8. Like Facebook, Teachers can create learning groups. Teachers can group their students according to the courses they teach or create groups of students who are supposed to be working cooperatively.

9. Through Edmodo, teachers can also post a quiz for students to take. Teachers also can attach links and files to each question and answer choice. This allows you to post a document and ask students to read and respond to it. Quizzes can be in multiple choice, true/ false, fill in the blank, or short answer form. Also, it’s going to be easier for the students to immediately see their scores.

10. Edmodo is also beneficial to parents. Parent accounts allow parents to see their children’s assignments, grades and progress. Also, their children’s teachers can also send alerts to them about school events, missed assignments, and other important messages.

11. Through this web tool, teachers can connect with other teachers, join discussion groups to share ideas about lesson plans, materials, teaching strategies and other things related to teaching.

Here’s a 45-minute complete overview of how to use Edmodo. 

If you want to know more on how do it using Edmodo, click!

These are just some of the many ways on how to use Edmodo in your class. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to click THIS , HERE , or HERE, or THIS.

To start downloading Edmodo, click here!


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