Technologically Inclined Classroom using iPad!


Ipads, Iphones, Ipods, and so on are few of the many educational tools that we can use in our classrooms. iPads can improve education efficiency and standards. Yet, the question remains, how to use them effectively in class?  Also, Many teachers wonder how to use them properly in class especially when one is not a tech-savvy. Worry no more, because I will be enumerating lots of potential uses of iPads in class.

Around the world, many schools have started using and implementing Ipads as powerful educational tools. Educators, students, and others have seen great success in using Ipads. To teachers, who would like to have paperless classrooms, take absence and presence easily, create an innovative way of testing their students, and share interactive lessons and presentations – all of these on their Ipads.

To know more about the uses of iPads in class, here is a list:

  • Easy way of taking attendance. There’s no need to take out your paper and pen just to take student’s attendance and participation wherein you have your iPad, with the help of right apps to use. Apple has already an app to take attendance for teachers called Attendance.
  • Handing in of assignments. Instead of wasting and printing lots of paper works, students can simply turn in their assignments using the app Dropbox. This helps the teacher to monitor late assignments and avoid the loss of students’ work. The teacher can easily grade them and return all of them on Dropbox.

           If you want to know how to set Dropbox app, click!

          Here is a video on how to use Dropbox app for iPad.

  • Improve students’ writing skills. You can have your students play any educational games  on their iPads and ask them to write their experience or reflection playing the games. This is very useful especially to language classes.
  • Improve presentations and lessons. If you want to create an interactive and fun way of making your presentation for your class, Nearpod is the perfect iPad app for you. It enables you to fill your presentation (lecture presentation for instance) to fill with images, pictures, text, videos and surveys. It also allows you to control the speed and flow of the lesson as students interact with the material.

      Here is a video tutorial on how to use nearpod.

  • Easy way of taking notes. Notability, which is an ipad app wherein it enables its user to take notes, record lectures and annotate PDFs, such as student assignments. Notability also allows its user to create lecture notes and other classroom materials

       If you want to know how to use Notability. Click!

  • Share and easy access lectures.  Teachers can share their lectures with students using Keynote, which is a part of iWork. Students could easily access lectures whenever they needed and were able to learn at the pace that best fitted them. Students would not worry whenever they missed their class because with one click to Keynote, they would have access to lectures from their class.

Video tutorial on how to use Keynote in class.

  • Engage students in reading. Teachers and educators have seen that iPads are efficient in getting the attention of the most disconnected students to interact actively in the classroom and have fun while learning. To have students engage more in reading, apps for Ipads such as Marvel Comics and iBooks  can do the job for teachers.

I say that iPad is oozing with lots of potentials in class. Give it a try.

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