Google Docs for your class… Anyone?


Google Docs is a user-friendly suite of office applications wherein word documents and spreadsheets can be made, shared, modified and stored online. The documents and files are available for access anywhere (from any workstation or laptop) at anytime with an Internet connection and web browser. Also, Google Docs is just one of the many online applications offered by and related to Google.

Since I use Google Docs in two of my classes in university, I must say that it is very efficient because there is no need to bring printed documents to school. I am here to talk about some of its tremendous potential for use in the classroom.

Google Docs is useful in collaborative writing. Google Docs allows students to share their writings with their peers and teachers easily. Teachers and students can easily provide comments or feedbacks in the 24/7 classrooms. Through Google Docs, editing comes handy especially when working in teams. Each of the teams will have the opportunity and privilege to add or edit their teams’ writing at anytime and anywhere. Google docs also provides reference tools and spelling checker, which would enable students to conveniently write and work on their writings. In addition, the built in research tools gives students the chance to become involved in real world writing because the built in tool allows them to streamline the process of generating citations and links with a handy one click feature. Google docs incorporate EasyBib in order to let students create sources in their writing easily.

A video tutorial on how to set up Google Docs for collaborative writing.

Do you want to know more about Google Docs as an educational tool? Click.

Google Docs templates can help teachers to have their students work on a digital project. You can guide the learning of your students by supplying them with a uniform page format by creating your own digital templates.  To find more about templates available for text docs, spreadsheets, and presentations, check these templates.

A collaborative brainstorming using Google Docs drawing tools. The drawing component of Google Docs has available features that help students to work together to develop their ideas. Digital brainstorming sessions give Opportunities for students to work together to solve real-world problems and also require students think outside of the box to generate different solutions to solving a problem. Tools are available to create a visual mind map wherein students can use shapes, arrows, text, word art and imported images to build a visual mind map for any task.

A video tutorial on a collaborative brainstorming.

For students, they can work on computer-based homework from home, at a friend’s place, the library, a coffee shop, or at school – in short, anywhere with Internet access.

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Teachers can also use spreadsheets to produce tests and quizzes online. Using spreadsheets provides opportunity for teachers to organize cumulative data in one sheet that is accessible to any collaborator at any time. Also, they can use spreadsheets to record and keep track of grades, attendance, or any other data.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to do an online quiz!

Like technology, Google Docs is continually improving, evolving, adding other features, and becoming more efficient and useful in classrooms. I say, give it a try!

If you want to know more on how you can use Google Docs in class, click or here!


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