Be Smart with a SMART Board!


Today’s class was about an interactive SMART Board. After listening to our professor’s discussion, I am officially convinced that SMART Board is oozing with great advantages to an English class especially to both teachers and students.

To further understand the SMART Board, it is a line of interactive whiteboards produced by the company Smart Technologies. It is a presentation device (or tool) that interfaces a computer. The images (from a computer) are displayed or projected on the board by a projector where they can be visible or manipulated. Cut to the chase, SMART Board is a powerful tool that helps a teacher to deliver dynamic and interactive lessons with a simple touch of a finger, pen or other solid object.

How is the SMART Board beneficial to an ESL/EFL class? Well, I only have a couple of experiences using the SMART Board in my classes, but let me tell you, it’s really interesting. Here’s why…

  1. It enables an English teacher to have students participate actively in class. For example, when a teacher gives an error recognition activity, the students can go in front of their class and edit or correct the sentences. At this point, everyone in class can review errors.
  2. In a word study activity, the SMART notebook software helps an English teacher sort English words under correct category. This is beneficial especially when the lesson is about “the Different Parts of Speech.” The teacher will be able to have students categorize the words easily.
  3. With the use of highlighter tool, teacher can highlight or emphasize important text, grammar rules, parts of speech and so on. Wide varieties of colours are available for colour-coding.
  4. When correcting activities (such as correct sentence constructions, reading comprehension, etc.), teacher can hide answers from students. This would make students think about the answers hidden on the interactive white board.
  5. With the help of SMART Board, teacher can show students how to make PowerPoint presentation. This is useful in an oral activity wherein students have to present something in front of their class. (Example: Students have to present about themselves in English where they have to use adjectives to describe their favourite pet, food, TV show, etc.)
  6. Through SMART Board, it will be easier for a teacher to show students English videos and stories.  Through showing videos or stories with pictures, it can make the class livelier because students can see real-life examples. (Example: In a grammar class, teacher can present a video demonstrating how to construct simple present sentences, simple past tense sentences, etc.)

Want to read more of the benefits of SMARTBoard? click or here!

These are just few of the many beneficial uses of SMART Board in an ESL/EFL class. With proper training, this tool can be a powerful instructional tool that makes learning interesting and fun.

Here’s a video on how SMARTBoard is Beneficial to English Classes.



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